Design Reviews/Commissioning

We can be there at the very beginning or at the end but when we get involved your environment will run better.

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Monitoring & Management

What to monitor? What to document? We will help you to get organised or run all services for you.

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Edge Compute

We work with leading manufacturers and provide our own edge solutions with a focus on AV, IT and VSM use cases.

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Most Popular Services

AV designs, IT Designs, Video Surveillance Designs, they all come in many flavours, from simple to complex, from basic to intelligent. but when it doesn't work your productivity is at stake. 

IDM Solutions is a global thought leader in AV/IT/VSM designs, strategies and implementations. We are X-Sector architects and incorporate many different disciplines in order to provide you with the best future strategy and most (cost)effective project design. Our team is experienced and highly specialised and we can quickly bring programming skills, IT Expertise, Security Auditing Capacity and more together.

Whether you need a new design, verification of a proposal or troubleshooting an existing issue with IDM Solutions you will get the results you are looking for!

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At IDM Solutions' we live by the motto "Always test your Assumptions!", and as a company that creates global architectures for enterprises and integrators we can't afford to make the wrong decisions. In fact, neither can you! 

One of the most under appreciated elements in a project lifecycle is the product testing, too often consultants and integrators rely on the claims of manufacturers or don't fully comprehend the ramifications of running technologies over a network.  This is where things go wrong, where money gets lost and productivity -or worse- gets compromised. Security vulnerabilities, incompatibilities, poor management capabilities, lack of perceived functionalities and more are just a few of the pitfalls of product selection.

At IDM Solutions we offer a wide range of services in this area, you want to test for Security? No problem! For compliance? Done! For TCO or SLA? We got you covered!

Regardless if you are looking for a new Control Room or a Security Operations Center, for a classroom audio solution or for a content sharing system we will ensure that your investment can be managed and kept secure over prolonged periods of time.

Audio Visual

AV Design, Implementation, Testing & Product Sales


Technology Consult for engineers, PMs or CTO's

​Product testing

PEN testing, SLA testing, QoE Testing and more


Crestron, AMX, Linux, C# and more

Managed Services

Implementing, Securing and maintaining technology


Tender Creation and Response


LAN, WAN, Edge, Cloud

Cyber Security

SOC Design, Architectures, PEN Tests

Video Surveillance

Cameras, Analytics, Archiving, Recording

Reach out to us today and find out how we can ensure a higher reliability of your technology, a lower TCO, better integrations,  better security and more.