Remote Monitoring & Management

Finding failures on your LAN and WAN is for most companies not too complex. Understanding your AV environment, your IoT infrastructure, your security posture and more is a different story.

Through a variety of tools IDM Solutions can provide monitoring capabilities for Managed Services Providers, for Multi-Location Businesses or simply for multiple rooms in a single location. We can go as far as USB peripheral monitoring if so required. 

Besides monitoring it is essential to outline ways to resolve potential issues, to minimize downtime and to be able to respond as quickly as possible to minimize outages. Even without using our tools we can assist with advise on what to monitor, how to monitor and how to respond. We can clearly define processes required for issue resolution and for escalation.

We can also provide specific ROI monitoring, Capacity Monitoring and Functionality Monitoring all in order to assure that your solutions are used to the maximum of their capabilities/capacity.

So, regardless whether you have servers, applications, AV or network equipment if you want reliability and ease of mind reach out to us today!