Video Surveillance Solutions

In 1984 George Orwell never could have imagined the magnitude that Video Surveillance would have in today's world. In fact, even most IT managers find it difficult to effectively work with the vast quantities of cameras, of content created of the integrations that have to be made. Video Surveillance Architecture is no longer an afterthought but needs to be the first step into the world of Surveillance. 

Systems are deployed sometimes on a per camera basis in response to situations such as COVID or need to be deployed with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of cameras all contributing to a small number of operations centers.

IDM Solutions has created some of the world's largest Surveillance Architectures and unique sites with 1000+ cameras in a single location. Clearly these type of solutions require planning, documentation, testing, integrations, automation, analytics, legal advise, ISO and GDPR Compliancy and more. 

We are a one-stop shop when it comes to such solutions. Through our partner network we can globally deploy cameras that register to our centrally managed solutions. With our AV experience we have build state-of-the-art Control Rooms, Ransomware proof storage, optimized Camera streams, maintained systems for security and stability and analyzed feeds automatically. And if this isn't enough we can bring any Surveillance feed into Zoom or Teams calls to ensure maximum reach when the time calls for it.

Engineering perfection

Our partners

The solutions we offer are in partnerships with some of the world's most reliable companies (Gartner collateral available on request), we can test hardware, software, infrastructure to maintain permanent security or we can provide competitive analysis to new and/or existing players in the market. 

Our partners include:

  • Genetec
  • Axis
  • Mobotix
  • Lenovo
  • NearbyCompute
  • and many more
Product areas

What elements can be found in a Video Surveillance Architecture?

The world of Video Surveillance is also the world of Access Control, Analytics, IT, Security, Compliance and Software.

Elements frequently found in Video Surveillance designs are:

  • Software
  • Servers
  • Cameras
  • Access Cards
  • Cabling Systems
  • UPS Systems
  • Cloud Systems
  • Audio Visual Solutions
  • Network Equipment
  • Sensors
  • API's
Why IDM Solutions?

We are THE Architects

Many companies can deploy a few cameras but not many companies have thought about global "Follow the Sun" Architectures or consider operational cost when it comes to designing solutions. At IDM Solutions we have created Architectures, prepared tenders, reviewed numerous software and hardware products all to find the best possible solution for your deployment.  

Our solutions are bespoke and can scale from a single camera in an extremely hazardous environment to thousands of cameras in an industrial environment. We have advised some of the world's leading brands and if you want to have the best solution for your environment contact us today!

Our Partners

Axis Communications