Computing at the Edge

Computing is a prevailing topic in most design discussions whether they are focused on AV systems, on Video Surveillance and analytics or on IoT. Computing in the cloud often seems an attractive solution but the reality is that latency, bandwidth and reliability are often factors to consider in complex environments.

This is where edge computing comes in play and why it is important.

IDM Solutions can assist you in your technological journey, controlling your IoT environment and ensuring that you optimize your spending.

Lenovo SE450

5G network Transformation

Utilizing Intel's Converged Edge Reference Architechture (CERA)

Lenovo 5G

AI Solutions at the Edge

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450

Intel® Select Solution for vRAN on Red Hat

The Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450, is based on the latest 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and meets the highest demands of the Intel Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) on Red Hat for flexible performance and solid security.

Lenovo vRAN
Lenovo SE350 Cluster

Lenovo SE350

The ThinkSystem SE350 is an Intel® Xeon® D processor-based server, with a 1U height, half width and short depth case that can go anywhere. Mount it on a wall, stack it on a shelf or install it in a rack. This rugged Edge server can handle anything from 0-55°C as well as full performance in high dust and vibration environments.

The ThinkSystem SE350 is the proven workhorse for the Edge. Designed and built with the unique requirements for Edge servers in mind, it is versatile enough to stretch the limitations of server locations, providing a variety of connectivity and security options and easily managed with Lenovo XClarity Controller. The ThinkSystem SE350 is a rugged compact-sized Edge solution with a focus on smart connectivity, business security, and manageability for the harsh environment.

Information availability is another challenging issue for users at the Edge, who require insight into their operations at all times to ensure they are making the right decisions. The ThinkSystem SE350 is designed to provide several connectivity options with wired and secure wireless Wi-Fi and LTE connection ability. This purpose-built compact server is reliable for a wide variety of Edge and IoT workloads.

Lenovo SE70

Lenovo SE70

The SE70 is a ruggedized device  designed to meet the expanding intelligent transformation needs for a wide range of industries.  In security environments -particularly those that require Layered license plate detection or facial recognition- but also in transportation, energy, healthcare, retail and manufacturing the SE70 has  you covered.

Lenovo SE50

A powerful affordable workhorse for industrial computing. The SE50 comes with a Core i5 or i7 vPro processor and has a memory capacity of 32GB and up to 2TB storage. It can operate in environments between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.

Lenovo SE50
Lenovo SE30

Lenovo SE30

Available in the smallest possible formfactor the SE30 is an ideal device for AI workloads at the edge. Powered by an 11th generation Intel i5 vPro-processor for industrial computing, 16GB internal memory and up to 1TB storage the SE30 can also be used in edge situations that require 4G or 5G connectivity.

Lenovo Green IT

Together with Lenovo we are unique in our sustainable solutions. No matter packaging, logistics or recycling materials, in every piece of the value chain environment is key. Lenovo is the only vendor which delivers a CO2 offset certificate for our customers to include in its annual reports.

the IDM Solutions advantage

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