Audio Visual Consultancy, Architecture, Design, Implementation & Support

AV comes in many flavors, from simple to complex, from basic to intelligent. but when it doesn't work your productivity is at stake. IDM Solutions is a global thought leader in AV designs, strategies and implementations. We are X-Sector architects and can incorporate many different disciplines in order to provide you with the best future strategy, with the most (cost)effective project design or with the best troubleshooting. Our team is highly specialized and can quickly bring programming skills, IT Expertise, Security Auditing Capacity, etc. together.

Our Mission and Vision

We are a result driven, customer focussed company but most of all we love technology. We use it, we test it, we bend it and break it but when we say it is ready it's like Japanese steel, layer upon layer of carefully considered intelligence, virtually unbreakable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, a breeze to manage...

Our passion is your bonus

IDM Solutions a Clear Vision in Technology