Consulting Services

Our award winning consultancy services are unique in the market. 

We assist

Most of our consulting services are offered as white-label services to Integrators, Managed Service Providers and other consulting agencies but our ultimate goal is to help the customer to get the most secure and most reliable solutions possible.

Design Reviews

We have reviewed thousands of designs created for customers by integrators around the globe. We help you -as a customer or as an integrator/consultant- to find design flaws and offer peace of mind that when a solution is being deployed all the right questions have been asked.

Tender Reviews

We review the tenders customers send out to ensure they find the best company for their requirements and we review tenders to ensure that integrators bring out the best in themselves when responding to tenders.


You have a project that is completed but you want to know for certain that you got what you asked for and that there are no surprises waiting for you? 

We provide rigorous and skilled Commissioning services and have the expertise in house to review all sorts of projects.