Utelogy - Enterprise Control & Monitoring

Since 2015 IDM Solutions has been in a strong relationship with Utelogy. Understanding the possibilities that IT based AV control had to offer we became heavily involved.

Our services include:
  • Utelogy Training
  • Utelogy Distribution
  • Utelogy Programming
  • Core Product Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Total Solution Designs based on Utelogy
  • Tender Responses
  • Compare Utelogy to the competition
Utelogy U-Manage

Asset Management


Capture and Control all room and asset information

Store room drawings, room plans, diagrams

Capture and view a comprehensive event log

Driver metrics, firmware versions, warranty information, etc. 

Utelogy makes it easy and accessible to manage your entire AV estate under a single pane of glass. Manage all assets on your network, regardless of manufacturer. Gain valuable insights and analytics, view all device metrics, check firmware versions, receive alerts and notifications, and much more.



  • In-room touch panel control
  • Remote control
  • Standardize a control theme for every office space in your entire estate

U-Control is the interface that delivers Utelogy to your users, enabling them to easily collaborate with a personalized experience. It connects the user to devices and applications to deliver rich and productive collaboration. Built on common web technology standards, U-Control enables ubiquitous access for your users through any web-enabled device with a screen, including any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Utelogy U-Control
Utelogy Dashboards

Advanced Analytics & Custom Dashboards


  • Visualize room and device usage 
  • Get an overview of your entire estate
  • See all current alerts
  • Add filters and export data

The U-Manage Platform allows you to view your data how you want. With our fully customizable dashboard tool, you can build and share as many dashboards as you with with other U-Manage users at your company. See real-time analytics, add filters, and even export your data in all common formats. 

Room Readiness Testing, Automation & Self-healing


  • Increase room uptime
  • Reduce cost of support staff
  • Remove need for manual checks
  • Improved user experience

With Utelogy’s U-Automate feature you are able to schedule automation tests without needing to know how to code. With our easy-to-use drag and drop script builder, create scripts, schedule tests, and check the health of your entire AV estate. Receive alerts and notifications if there are any issues and view comprehensive test logs. 

Utelogy Automation
News Articles
Teams Room
Zoom Room
Teams Room
Utelogy MTR Microsoft Teams Rooms

Control of Collaboration Systems

In conjunction with hardware support, Utelogy supports the Microsoft Teams UC soft codec. Its platform monitors the status of MTR peripherals, connections, calls in progress, presence and more. Operations teams can gather detailed analytics on MTR-equipped rooms directly from the Utelogy platform which helps to improve system uptime and allows staff to make data-driven decisions.

Zoom Room
Utelogy Zoom Integration

Zoom Room Integration

Utelogy has enhanced its management and control platform to extend its integration to enable control and analytics for the popular Zoom Room. With this integration, the technology in meeting rooms can be controlled, monitored and managed through a single touch panel with the familiar Zoom Room interface configured using Utelogy.

Utelogy Cisco Touch 10

Cisco Touch 10 integration

The Utelogy audio-visual management, analytics and control software provides easy integration with Cisco Telepresence Touch 10 devices. With Utelogy, users can configure a Cisco Touch 10 device and supported Cisco Codec and integrate those devices with Utelogy’s U-Manage software to manage and monitor the AV components of a room.  Users can enjoy a seamless AV experience using one Cisco Touch 10 panel for all technology in the room and organizations are able to do this on their own, without proprietary programming.