IDM Solutions is a proud distributor and strategic partner of Lenovo

We have a variety of Lenovo products in various categories on display and can help you designing solutions, managing your infrastructure or assist with project specifications. 

We can offer bespoke demonstrations and we will always bring outstanding customer value.

A non-conclusive selection of the portfolio we can offer is displayed below. When there is an interest in other Lenovo solutions kindly let us know.

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Lenovo Workstations and Laptops

Workstations & Laptops

Perhaps best known for its "Think" brand of workstations and Laptops Lenovo offers a wide variety of business type solutions and tools to manage your company's infrastructure. 

The IDM Solutions advantage is not only in great volume based pricing but even more so on remote management, support, security and documentation services.  The Lenovo business portfolio holds some of the most reliable and sturdiest products available on the market today. Let us inform you about all the benefits!

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Lenovo ThinkSmart View

Personal Teams Collaboration

Unlock the workday's full potential with the ThinkSmart View for Microsoft Teams. Developed to free up your PC's resources the all-in-one device can handle chats, calls, voicemail, videoconferencing, scheduling and more...

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub and Core

Microsoft Teams Rooms

With the ThinkSmart Hub ThinkSmart Core and a few (Lenovo) peripherals the best possible Microsoft Teams experience has never been closer. 

When adding a bit of IDM Solutions design the solutions can be used in a very dynamic and scalable setup fitting to virtually any room.

"Spicing up your retail environments with custom display sizes"

Lenovo Retail Screens
Cloud compute
Your path to cloud agility

Cloud Computing

The Data-Centered handle cloud computing with confidence — and creating a solid strategy is the first step. Our solutions are open, proven, and ready to deploy, and our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way.

Analytics and AI
High-performance imagination

Analytics & AI

Bringing AI & Analytics from the realm of research to real business value is within reach for organizations of all sizes. Wherever you are on your AI transformation journey, Lenovo is here to help you with solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor. IDM Solutions is here to do the rest!

Lenovo Edge Compute
Smarter, Closer...

Edge Computing

Harness the value of data at the Edge with Lenovo Edge Computing solutions, powered by Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor. Gain powerful, real-time insights from data at any edge location with secure, connected, and reliable solutions.