• "Design is intelligence made visible." 

Although virtually anything is designed it is clear that not all designs are created equal. For whatever the reason, companies often skim on designs loosing sight of strategic goals or intrinsic security in order to meet deadlines.

  • "Design adds value faster than it adds costs."

Proper designs always deliver value. Typically this is found in quality, reliability and meeting the expectations of the customer. But given the right installation size designs can bring significant savings to the table. Savings when purchasing the right equipment, savings when installations are efficient, savings when there is a minimum of operational effort required and savings when you don't have to worry about ransomware, hacks or other business continuity compromising threats...

Our engineers and architects at IDM Solutions have been designing Enterprise Grade networks, Video Conference Solutions, Audio Visual Systems and so much more for decades. We understand your concerns. Whether you are a municipality, a university, an enterprise, a bank or a hospital we can help you to design secure, reliable and cost-effective architectures from the ground up or improve and add to your existing ones. 

We provide Reference Architectures, Segment Architectures, Solution Architectures, Detailed Designs, Requirement Specifications, Comparison Tests, Reliability Tests, Security Tests and so much more.

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