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 We are IDM Solutions,
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About Us

We are IDM Solutions.

We don't take things for granted, we review, we explore, we don't easily take no for an answer nor do we hesitate to say no when the time calls for it. We have Cross-Sector strategic and hands-on experience and if you are interested in long-term value, secure designs and the best TCO we should run a project together!

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Our Vision and Mission

We have been working for decades to create the best and most secure designs possible.  We will not just stop at an architecture strategy, we design the full end-to-end solution from IT to AV to Video Surveillance to your data strategy -of course all secure-. 

We can test products and solutions for you giving you the peace of mind that your investment has been a solid one,  trust your instincts, trust us!

Our History

Our consultants have longstanding experience in Enterprise Architecture, DoD, Government, Education and Manufacturing. 

We know IT, AV and much much more, we know hardware and software, we know the "wants & needs", the "ins & outs". 

We have designed Global Architectures for the Fortune 500, we have reviewed designs for integrators and customers alike, we have created and responded to tenders, we have deployed and commissioned, we have done so with great personal care and eye for detail and a strong personal commitment.  

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Skills and Professionals

IDM Solutions only wants the best for our customers. This means that we need to find the best products and software to build the best solutions, we also need the best skills available, even when these skills are not with IDM Solutions directly. In these situations we rely on our vast network of partners to find you that one specific skill or that one authority that can make the difference in your project.  All IDM services are exponential. You hire one skill -you get 10-,  you ask for a test you get a lab, you ask for a project we give you results.


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We Provide Free Consulting

If you are a (higher) education, charity or NGO institution
we can provide free* consultation with one of our expert consultants

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